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About Curtis Brookover

Dr. Curtis Brookover DDS, Dentist, Los Alamos, New MexicoBased in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Curtis Brookover, DDS, leads Alpine Laser Dental, which also maintains an office in Santa Fe. Dr. Curtis Brookover offers a wide range of general dentistry procedures and has specialized knowledge of cranial facial pain and TMJ disorders. He additionally treats individuals with breathing issues such as sleep apnea and frequently works with young patients experiencing early childhood growth issues.

Dr. Brookover graduated from dental school in 1998, subsequently moving to Los Alamos and establishing his current practice. His passion for helping patients overcome oral health challenges stems from wearing braces for an extended period of time as a child. After a decade of pain, he formed a commitment to finding solutions that would ease the experiences of future patients.

Curtis Brookover, DDS, maintains a full office staff dedicated to assisting patients with paperwork, filing insurance, and setting up appointments. His practice accepts most types of insurance, actively lowering patient costs on surgeries and other treatments by acting as an insurance provider. Dr. Brookover also has a number of dedicated hygienists on staff, who work to create a friendly and relaxed dentistry environment. He meets with hygienists each morning, going over the list of scheduled patients and reviewing any special treatments required.

With a core focus on pediatric health, Dr. Brookover emphasizes the development of proper oral habits among very young patients. His office notably offers the TRAINER System, which facilitates habit correction among braces wearers and children with permanent and mixed dentition. To contact Curtis Brookover, DDS, or to schedule an appointment, visit

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